oCanvas Object

This is the global object oCanvas which concists of all the modules, the core constructor and some other methods. Even though this is the main object of this library, it is rarely used in an app. Instead you mostly use an instance of the core object where instances of all modules exist. This makes it possible to use oCanvas for multiple canvases.

That means you usually just use the oCanvas object when you start a project. If your script is above the canvas element in the code, you would use the domReady() method. When you create a new core instance you use the create() method. If you want to customize oCanvas a bit before creating the core instance, you can add new display objects, modules and plugins.



canvasList : Array
Contains all core instances. The index is assigned to the id property of the core instance.
version : String (since version 2.7.0)
The version of oCanvas.